How do I add images to my website

Step 1

Log into your iPro Account (

You may choose the page or section of your choice. However, for this tutorial we'll select About (home page).

Step 2

On the right side you will see the Image Library and  button called Upload Image.  Click on the button Upload Image.

Step 3

A pop-up will appear, click on the Browse button to locate the file you want to upload.  You may enter a description for the image (this is optional). 
Click on the button Upload Image
Please read the note thoroughly:
By uploading this image, I hereby take full responsibility for the image(s) and assert the right to reproduce the image(s) on the internet. I further attest that I either own the copyright to the image, the image is placed in the public domain, or that I have obtained the written permission of the copyright owner. I further acknowledge that Quotit Corporation shall not be liable for any damages resulting from a dispute of copyright. In addition, Quotit Corporation reserves the right to remove any image, for any reason at its sole discretion.

You now see the icon representation of your image within the Image Library. 

Step 4

Simply drag and drop the image into the area you want the image to be shown:

Your image will have a set width and height of 43 pixels - you will need to adjust the width and height of the image to whatever size you require. 

To do this, click on the button HTML located just directly above the green Save Progress button: 

Next locate the image code used for your image, example shown below:
<img id="preview-target-2" src="" imageid="1366" imagename="MAMBA.jpg" description="THE MASTER .. LeBron WHO????" createdtimestamp="07/17/2014 09:58:24" height="43" width="43">
In the example code above, you will see the height and width set to "43" - adjust these values to the width and height of what you require.  If you do not know the image size you require, simply delete the height="43" text and enter 100% on the width of the image (width="100%").  This will automatically set the size of the image to show full width of the containing div box and automatically set the height of the image according to the width. 

If you require more precise image results, you will need to enter the exact width and height of the image.

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Customer Support at 866-478-6848, option 1.

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