Is my website mobile ready

Modern day devices such as (iPhone, Android, iPad and Tablets) have high resolution screens.  Because of this, responsive code development (mobile design) is not necessary for insurance based websites and quoting purposes.  All of our quote pages require a minimum width of 960 pixels making it look full screen on virtually all modern devices.

Below is just one example of one of websites displayed on an iPhone 6:

Here is the census form viewed vertically - you may note that all modern devices automatically zoom in when you click on an input field:

As you can see, the quote results on a mobile device is easily readable in both vertical and horizontal views.

Signing up for a policy anywhere has never been easier. Below is a screenshot of a when a visitor applies for a plan:

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Customer Support at 866-478-6848, option 1.

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