How do I run a child only quote?

How do I run a child-only quote for an existing contact?

While in the iPro broker tool you may run a child-only quote by selecting ‘New Proposal’ for an Individual & Family contact and only enabling the dependents on our dynamic family page prior to selecting ‘Show Plans’.

How do I run a child-only quote through my consumer facing website?

On websites users select the ‘Child-Only Plans’ option towards the bottom of the zip entry page to signify they would like a child-only quote. Selecting this option configures the following census page to collect a child-only census.

How do I start the process to run a new child-only quote?

  • Click on the “Individuals” tab and then select “Add New Individual Contact”

  • When creating the new contact you will complete sections 1 (Primary Contact Information), section 2 (Location), and section 3 (Census Information)

  • In section 3 (Census Information) only fill in the dependent option and select “Child” in the relationship drop down box

  • Then click “Create Contact”

  • On the contact info page you will click on the “New Proposal” button on the top right hand corner to run the proposal for the child/children

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